Mission Statement's mission is to provide a clearing house of wine production information between the consumer and the Vintner. Using only a smart phone or mobile device, the consumer gets fast and reliable information that the bottle in front of them really came from the Vintner on the label.

Technology to Inhibit Wine Fraud & Counterfeiting

Wine fraud and counterfeiting are ancient but growing problems. Consumers in developing markets like wine and are willing to pay for premium product. But those consumers suffer from a long supply chain exposed to fraud. Selecting a bottle of wine is a sophisticated and challenging art in the best of circumstances. Adding fraud risk just makes it too difficult for consumers. If consumers knew that scanning the wine bottle would give them real production information they could choose a premium wine with peace of mind and confidence.


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California Certified Wine

Growers considering pooling resources and getting certified for the growing China market.

Getting Started

Vintners can get started very easily by completing an online form with the vintage and number of bottles they want to have tracked. prints your coded labels and send them via next-day air to your bottling or distribution center.